William Presler

Larry Flynt CEO

is a film entrepreneur who has produced, written and directed over 150 videos. He leads the television and film production company in partnership with different film and media companies worldwide.
Melissa Rohr

Melissa Rohr Senior Film Director

is a nominated executive producer in the video and film industries for 10 years. She’s a co-founder of Boston Films. Most of her produced films include the new technology and storytelling about the future.
Charlotte Collie

Charlotte Collie Production Manager

She has worked in every aspect of the film industry in the last 5 years. As a production manager, she is in charge of making sure that the digital files are safe and stored properly. She is also responsible for organizing, scheduling, and accounting.
Jerome Burks

Jerome Burks Film Maker

is a passionate, skilled and very competent filmmaker who expanded his knowledge in all areas of film making process. He has made several award-winning from short to feature films and documentaries.