Escaping Harvey Weinstein was a ‘cat-and-mouse video game,’ states Katherine Kendall


More than three lots ladies have actually stated Weinstein pestered them.

As other starlets began coming forward about their unpleasant experiences, she likewise went public with her own story.

For people who do not know your story, what happened?

KATHERINE KENDALL, Starlet/ Professional Photographer:

Well, I was you know, a young starlet, and I had had a formal conference at the Miramax office previously that day.

And After That, at the end of the meeting, which I believed went actually well, he invited me to come to screenings. He stated: “Invite to the Miramax family. You know, pertain to bests, screenings, et cetera. In reality, there’s one this afternoon. Would you like to come?”

And I said, “Sure.”

And I wound up going to see a movie with him. It ended up just being a movie, not a screening, however the film “Red Rock West.” And, you know, that’s right when I had this sort of sinking feeling that something wasn’t going.

And then, after the film, we walked for a few blocks. And he stated he required to go up to his house to get something, and would I just include him real quick? And I sort of stated no, and we went back and forth on that for a minute. It was sort of a settlement with him constantly, trying to sort of stand my ground, but then be convinced it was OKAY.

I did go into his house. As soon as there, we talked for a long period of time about art and films. And I felt like he was treating me like an intellect.

And I seemed like the meeting was going truly well, and sort of continued. I didn’t feel unsafe once I was in there. And, at one point, then, he got up to go to the restroom. And he came back in a robe and asked me to offer him a massage.

And I was incredibly uneasy. And I resembled, oh, God, no, I’m not comfy with that. And we went back and forth on that.

And then he went back to the bathroom again, and returned this time entirely naked. And, you know, that changed it completely for me, too. It just took it to the next location. It was completely confusing. And I was terrified, you know? I was actually terrified.

And after that it ended up being sort of a cat-and-mouse video game of, like, how am I going to get out of there?

And I’m– it’s tough to make sense of what someone is attempting to do to you when they’re fully naked, and they’re …


You know, I’m 105 pounds. He’s a big male standing between me and the door.

And, I mean, I felt very resolute, like, I will certainly get out of here somehow. But I’m not– I’m uncertain– I’m uncertain what’s going to take place here. You know, a lot was going through my head.

And he said, well, if you will not give me a massage, will you at least reveal me your breasts? And it was simply– you understand, it was, all in all, an extremely humiliating experience for me.

And despite the fact that I escaped, I seemed like something had still– like something horrible had just taken place to me.


And I told some excellent pals.

I was terrified. And, you understand, I just have not felt like it was something I was going to get support on …


I believe it did. I believe it did. I think it did.

I think it made me seem like, wow, you understand, that was a wash. He wasn’t interested at all in what I needed to state, or, you know, he didn’t see any talent there or intelligence there. He was evaluating the circumstance the whole time for something else.

And I think that– that did hurt. You understand, I want it didn’t.


But he had actually produced so many films that I thought were terrific.

And, yes, I think it does have long-term impacts.

I suggest, I wouldn’t believe about him on an everyday basis or anything for years, and then I would see him, and I would think, oh, I do not feel well.


You understand, it would bring up so much emotion.

And the most current one was the woman in New York, the Italian model.


There are so many times when I thought about it, and then felt like– there were times when I believed about it and stated, well, I have absolutely nothing to lose, I will just do it.

And I believe someone like Jodi Kantor doing the story for The New York Times, the truth that she thought it was a story at all was surprising to me and made me feel like, wow, something is going to be done.

And I believed, I can’t– when I saw Rose McGowan or any of the other starlets come forward, I simply– or Ashley Judd– I simply believed, they look strong to me, and I do not want to be the one that remains silent.

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