Ambré Is The Director Of Her Own R&B Motion picture


When she’s not writing songs with her pal Kehlani or working together with folks like Ryan Hemsworth and Pell, New Orleans singer-songwriter Ambré is making movies in her head. She constructs characters and narratives in the songs she tape-records under her own name, however everything starts with emotion. Among the biggest is love: whispering about it in the moonlight, concealing from it in school restroom stalls, cruising with it in a nighttime vehicle trip. She makes love its own character in her own coming-of-age story.

Her launching album, Pulp, launched in November 2019, undulates with beautiful, sluggish R&B that she turns immediate with her lyrics. At the end of “Free Drugs,” she connects the item of her affection directly to the visuals she likes.

” I really wished to develop my own world that feels that you could feel the feelings of this world, but [that] sonically, when I close my eyes, it takes me elsewhere,” Ambré told MTV News. Equating those visions to real music videos and mini-movies is, naturally, a whole lot of fun. She’s gotten to hang off motorcycles, in “ Fubu,” and let scenic vistas play out throughout her face, in “ Color Blind” For “Slip,” her latest single, she’s both lying in the lawn, having a smoke, and fencing in golden sunlight.

Possibly typical for a collaborative songwriter, Ambré’s videos are planned to capture a total mood as hazy, humid pictures of everyday life, instead of lorries to put herself in the spotlight. When she’s dealing with music with, say, Kehlani, she said she’s “just a tool” in the larger innovative procedure. “I type of mix in and be a chameleon with that and take a rear seat, but still help,” she said. It’s the same with her Grammy-winning work on H.E.R.’s 2017 launching— she has the Recording Academy’s award plaque in her home, however if you didn’t understand it existed, you might miss it.

” I have it hung up in my staircase. When you walk in my house, it’s on the wall there. But it’s not obvious, really, which … I believe that’s cool,” she said. “I like that.”

Ambré isn’t interested in smash hits yet, however her scope has gotten bigger. Today (July 31), her launching album gets a reissue, fittingly entitled Pulp (Director’s Cut), with her strongly in the director’s chair. Armed with 5 additional tunes that “complete the image of the story,” Ambré spoke with MTV News about how bringing her visions to life, what she’s been enjoying recently, and why Kehlani is “fam.”

MTV News: A lot of film influence shines through in your work, as the title of this brand-new Pulp (Director’s Cut) exposes.

Ambré: I have not been watching that numerous movies, however I’ve been into [TV] series. I believe it was called Uptight

MTV News: Were you always into film and music when you were a kid? Were those sort of your go-to outlets for imagination?

Ambré: Certainly. I used to make little motion pictures on my phone of my brothers and cousins. I used to make them act out my little stories and try to make my own little movies. I used to be in a film club in high school, and anime club. I was a little nerd, but it’s OKAY. It’s constantly been a huge part of my creativity, and something that inspires me to be imaginative.

MTV News: I saw you tweeted not that long ago that you believed that we’re all living in The Truman Program right now, and I was curious why you believed that.

Ambré: That’s one of my preferred motion pictures.

MTV News: There’s definitely a case to be made because of the increasing number of cams on the planet. Not just security cameras, or street surveillance set up by police, but we are all literally carry around cams with us at all times on our phones.

Ambré: For sure. And we voluntarily reveal our lives. That part, too.

MTV News: Thinking About Pulp (Director’s Cut), I would imagine that makes you the director, conceptually. What brand-new stuff does the director’s cut hold?

Ambré: Well, sonically, there are some things that existed originally that I ended up having to cut to fit for my first deal. Conceptually, I feel like these tunes simply kind of paint a fuller photo of what I had currently launched. There are a couple of tunes with a little bit more bounce which type of provides the other songs that balance. I believe it simply finishes the photo of the story that I was attempting to inform, and it takes you through the rest of the journey in a various method.

MTV News: As we spoke about, you’re a pretty visual person. When you were making Pulp, what were you inspired by? What were you thinking of?

Ambré: During that time, I was certainly enjoying Pulp Fiction a lot, so I think, unconsciously, that word simply type of stuck in my head. However I was enjoying a great deal of coming-of-age motion pictures. One of the films that absolutely influenced me was Dazed and Confused, which is a movie from the ’90 s, however it’s about the ’70 s. And I type of copy a scene of that on among my single covers where they’re pushing the automobile, and I was simply resting on the ground, or whatever. Simply a great deal of coming-of-age films, and just the concept of being young and baffled and simply type of on a journey of discovery about yourself, about the world. The Truman Program was also among those due to the fact that it has that kind of component, just attempting to figure out the world that you need to live in and what that means.

I think the typical style in those movies is individuals are at a young age and they seem like that. With my job, I desired to have that energy, but likewise I feel like we never actually lose that. We’re always learning. We’re always attempting to figure things out, and I believe that’s what life is about. [In the music,] I connect to these emotions, however it takes me elsewhere.

MTV News: So, say you type of have an idea you want to explore. Is melody the very first thing that you start playing with for a tune?

Ambré: Yes, normally it’s the melody initially. In some cases, I’ll understand what I wish to speak about, which is uncommon. However generally I start with the melody, and then in some cases the words just come out later. I do not really have control over that when it does that. It’s just a channel.

MTV News: Pulp came out last fall. Does what you’re attempting to do next feel a bit different than that, or does it seem like it’s kind of along that same trajectory?

Ambré: I’m in an area where I’m still finding out where I want to go next, however in my heart of hearts, I seem like I’m type of moving far from the vibe of Pulp Undoubtedly, I’m still me, however the things that I have actually been developing lately have been a bit darker than Pulp and a bit grittier.

MTV News: You and Kehlani have obviously been tight for several years now. When you’re working on something together, I ‘d envision that’s a lot of fun, however does it also seem like you’re deepening your connection?

Ambré: Oh, definitely. I indicate, regardless if we make music or not, that’s just fam. When we remain in the studio, it’s great times. We take pleasure in the very same kind of music. We’re hanging out, we’re listening to our preferred music, and we’re linking in that method, so when we’re in the studio, we’re [like], “Oh, this is cool. I liked this,” or, “Oh, this is cool. I like this” It’s truly just we’re enjoying the art of music, and after that we end up making some things.

MTV News: You co-wrote “Water” with her, and you’ve also worked on some other prominent R&B and R&B- pop releases. What’s it resembled to see the reception of those records?

Ambré: Guy, I’m just pleased to be a part of things that individuals delight in that much. I’ve definitely been seeing people that– “Do you understand, this is among my favorite tunes of the project?”– for both songs, and I’m [like], “Wow.” I’m simply humbled to even belong of those things. Both artists are, I feel, so skilled and they could do it on their own. So the fact that they enabled me to be in their space and a part of that is truly special, and the reception makes it 10 times better.

MTV News: Certainly 2020 has been challenging for a great deal of factors. However what are you feeling optimistic about right now?

Ambré: I’m feeling optimistic about new music. I’m delighted. I feel like people probably have actually been holding onto music for a while, since whatever is so up in the air today. And I believe that there’s going to be a rise of music drops, which I’m extremely thrilled for. I’m just delighted to hear what everyone’s depended on for these past few months.

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